Our contracts: Factory/Router (for Swap/Liquidity products), ANPAN token, & MasterChef (for Farms/Stake products) are audited & passed by TechRate.

Security: Audited by TechRate [Swap/Liquidity products (Factory/Router) & ANPAN] [Farms/Stake products (MasterChef)] : TechRate on Twitter: “Techrate performed a complete Smart Contract audit of @anpanswap The report is issued and now you can find it in our Telegram group https://t.co/573TfOhbKt. Check the contract in the report and stay safe!” / Twitter

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AnpanSwap — DEX, Yield Farming, Staking, Prediction, NFT, Lottery, Referral, Derivatives, Cross-chain Swap, ANPAN Blockchain. https://anpanswap.finance.